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Registering a username is optional, but encouraged.

Everyone can contribute to Drummond House Plan's Wiki, regardless of whether they choose to register. However, you must have a registered username in order to create new articles.

Having an account gives you many benefits, including more editing options and user preferences. One handy feature is the watchlist, which makes it easier for you to track changes to pages you are interested in. Another is the ability to move or rename a page.

If you register, do not forget your password or your user name. If you are prone to forgetting these, make sure you enter your email address and verify it when you sign up so you can have a new password sent to you if you forget your current one.

Click here to register

User links

The user links are displayed at the top far right of the article (if using the default MonoBook skin). These tabs allow the logged-in user to view and edit their user page and wiki preferences. Additionally, the user links allow the user to quickly access their contributions to the wiki and logout.

For anonymous users the user links is replaced by a link to the wiki login page or, if enabled, a link to your IP address and your IP address's talk page.


This links to your user page which is where you can put information about yourself, store bits of information you want to remember or whatever else you fancy.

“my talk”

This links to your discussion page, where people can leave messages for you.

“my preferences”

Allows you to change your personal site preferences.

“my watchlist”

A list of all pages that you are watching. Pages can be added to this list by clicking “watch” at the top of the page.

“my contributions”

A list of all contributions you have made to the wiki.

“log out”

Click this link to log out of the wiki.
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