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With the coming of Drummond House Plans in the early 70’s, residential design has boomed. From that time on, the company has positioned itself as a key architectural landscaping business in Canada & United States. Over thousands of home models (Bungalow, Cottage, Garage, Multi-family) from all tendencies & styles have seen the light of day on the company’s designing tables founded by Mr. Fernand Roger in 1973. In many cities throughout Canada (and some part of the US and Europe), house plans and designs from Drummond House Plans (also known as Drummond Design) can easily represent up to 25% of all single-home dwellings presently under construction. casino bonuses

This phenomenon was made possible thanks to its agency network, mainly managed by architectural technologists, architects and house designers who serve regions throughout East of Canada. These specialized graduates of the company may play a major roll in advising and accompanying the customers which, in turn, makes it possible to integrate each house into its environment and also contributes to adapting each model to the specific needs of those who will inhabit it. Drummond agencies are offering full custom design services and also renovation / home addition design services.

Drummond House Plans (Drummond Designs) has been able to adapt to new tendencies over the years and have fully taken advantage of business occasions outside of Canada. This approach, a vision of the new management team put in place at the end of the 90’s, has allowed its new owners, Marie-France Roger and Yves Carignan, to become leaders in North America. In fact, its partners have multiplied with the editors of internet sites, specializing in the sales of house plans as well as with magazine editors which in turn, has allowed Drummond House Plans to multiply sales south of the border and in Europe (France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Poland, etc.).

This decision has accelerated the development of varied styles (Contemporary, Victorian home style, Vacation, Bungalow, American, European, Mediterranean, Craftsman, Modern, Country home style…) all the while respecting construction methods (wood structure, cement…) in place over the four continents and by surpassing all the highest industry norms pertaining to residential construction (Canadian Building Code, International Building Code…).

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