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The Split-level home style is an innovative spin-off of the Ranch style. Similar to the Ranch home style, it is often brick or a brick / wood combination, except that it has a two-story wing. On the inside, living space is split into three levels: on the lowest level are normally the utility room & den; in the middle are the kitchen and living room; and upstairs are the bedrooms.

The space divisions are based on a theory that families function well in such discrete environments: service areas, noisy social spaces, quiet living areas, and a private sleeping (bedroom) areas. The Split-level was a favorite among speculative builders from the 50's through the 70's.

The long, low look populare in the Ranch style and Split-level style is expressed in windows with horizontal dividing rails. The top of the windows typically runs directly under the eaves of the roof.

The open carport was soon followed by a garage enclosed on three sides and approached by a wide driveway. Garage doors became a decorative accent of garages that faced the street. The next step in this evolution was to move the entrance of the garage to the side of rear of the house, so that a brick wall and not an open garage faced passers-by.

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