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Acoustic sealantActive solar systemAdobe
Aerated concreteAhslar stoneworkAir-cooled
Air-dryingAir-entrained concreteAir-supported structure
Air-to-air heat exchangerAir ShuttersAir barrier
Air chamberAir changeAir conditioning
Air driedAir ductAir gap
Air leakageAir permeabilityAir pocket
Air pressureAir requirementsAir sealing
Air spaceAir wellAirlock entry
AirtightnessAirwayAlarm system
Alpha track detectorAlternating currentAluminum nails
Ambient temperatureAmendmentAmenity area
American home styleAmoured cableAmpacity
AmpereAnchor boltAnchor slots
And now we extinguish cigarette butts with both feet 80Angle beadAngle iron
Anhyrous limeAnnualAnnual growth ring
Annual growth ringsApartmentApartment building
Arch brickArchitraveArea
Area buildingArea drainArea floor
Area net roomAreawayArm
Artificial stoneAsbestosAsbestos cement
AstragalAt gradeAtmospheric burner
AtriumAtticAttic hatch
AutomaticAwningAwning sash
Awning windowAzimuthB-vent
Bacharach smoke numberBachelor apartmentBack-water valve
Back beddingBack pressureBack pressure backflow
Back siphonageBack upBack vent
Backflow preventerBackingBaffle
BalanceBalconyBalled and burlapped
Balloon framingBalusterBalustrade
BanisterBare rootsBarge board
Barrier-freeBase courseBase line
Base mouldingBaseboardBaseboard heater
BatterBatter boardBay
Bay windowBeaking jointsBeam
Beam framingBeam pocketBearing
Bearing capacityBearing plateBed
Bed-mouldingBed jointsBedrock
BedroomBelow gradeBelvedere
BenchmarckBending stressBent
Bevel sidingBibBidet
BiennialBitumenBleed water
Block, cellularBlock planBlocked vent shut-off system
Blower doorBlowingBlown
BlueprintsBoardBoard foot
BollardBondBorrow pit
Botanical nameBottom plateBottom track
Boulevard stripBow columnBow window
BowingBox beamBox connector
Box gutterBoxed trackBrace
Braced framingBracingBracket masonry
BradsBranch circuitBreaching
BreechBreech pipeBreezeway
BrickBrick tiesBrick veneer
BridgingBridging crossBritish thermal unit
Broken ashlar stoneworkBroken jointsBroom finish
BuildingBuilding-related illnessBuilding drain
Building envelopeBuilding orientationBuilding paper
Building sewerBuilding siteBuilding storm drain
Building storm sewerBuilding trapBuilt-in transfer equipment
Built-up roofBulkheadBull float
Bull noseBurlBurner unit
ButtButt jointButterfly damper
Butyl rubber sealantCableCable, armoured
CaliperCamberCamber arch
CambiumCanopyCant strip
CantileverCapCap wood framing
Cape Cod home styleCapillarityCapillary action
CapitalCarbon dioxideCarbon filter
Carbon monoxideCarbon monoxide detectorCarpet
CarportCarriage HouseCarriage bolt
Casement windowCasingCatalyst
Catch basinCathedral ceilingCaulk
CaulkingCavity wallCeiling
Ceiling beamCellarCellular concrete
Cellulose fibre insulationCementCement grout
Cement mortarCenter to centerCentre line
Centre to centreCeramic fibre linerCeramic tiles
CesspoolChain-link fenceChalking
ChamferChannel ironCharcoal detector
CheckCheck rail windowCheck rails
Check valveChecker blockChecker window
CheckingChimneyChimney cap
Chimney connectorChimney draftChimney flashing
Chimney saddleChimney thrimbleChimney types
ChlorofluorocarbonsChordChord members
ChronothermCircuitCircuit breaker
Circuit ventCirculating pumpCirculation
Clean lumberCleanoutClearance
ClerestoryClerestory windowClinch
Clinch nailsClosetClosure
Coach HouseCoated wire nailsCoaxial cable
CobbleCoefficient of expansionCoefficient of heat transmission
Coefficient of performanceCoffered ceilingCollar tie
Collector, airCollector, liquidCollector, solar
Collector tiltColloidal paintColombage pierroté
Colonial home styleColumnCombined sewer
Combined stressesCombustible and noncombustible materialCombustion air
Combustion chamberCombustion linerCommon
Common rafterCommon wallCommunal amenity area
Community facilitiesCompacted earthComposter
Compound wallCompression web membersConcealed condesation
ConcreteConcrete blockConcrete footing

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