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The Northwest architectural style of home originates from the desire of regional designers to create homes that are in harmony with their surroundings. This is achieved by the use of natural materials and keen awareness of the environment. The Northwest architecture is usually clean in design, lacking excessive exterior details. When accents are required, they are usually achieved with timber or rock mirroring features of the building site. Protection from the climate is achieved by medium to low-pitched roofs with deep overhangs. Windows are often large and abundant to take advantage of sweeping views and bring light into the interiors. The floor plans are normally open and celebrate outdoor views, whether they be fabulous natural vistas or stunning cityscapes.

Although originating in the northwest, these houses can be built as a primary home or vacation home in any region of the country that has a view to be enjoyed! If you enjoy the Northwest home style, you may also like the Craftsman home style.

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