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House plans, also called blueprints, are house construction drawings provided on paper (blueprint, blueprints, sepia, reproducible) or electronically (PDF files, CAD files, or else). House construction drawings generally include: 4 Elevations, Foundation Plan, Main Floor Plan, Upper Floor Plans (if applicable), Roof Plan, Truss Diagrams & Building Section, Construction Details, Typical Wall Section, Electrical Plan. Most Stock Plans are complete in their information. The longitudinal or cross-section (section cuts) facilitates the understanding of the construction plan. The planning of the floor layouts and roofing include information such as the weight load of the columns, the beam dimensions, the right direction of the small beams, the location of the reinforced structures and the complete details of the roof. All of this relevant information will assure you a better and a more economical construction. Furthermore, most plans available in Canada and United States comply with the National Building Code norms in place at the time of their creation.

The main information provided in house plans are :

The main and upper floor (if applicable) plans are an aerial view of the completed house. The room dimensions are specified on each room, and the floor plans will also indicate the doors and windows and built-in elements (cabinets, etc.). Other information such as electrical items and finishes will also be noted.

The front, rear and side elevations are non-perspective view of the home and are drawn to scale. On the elevation pages you’ll find the ridge heights, roof pitches, exterior finishes and any other relevant details to the architectural style (Ranch, Country home style, Bungalow, Victorian home style, etc.).

A longitudinal or cross-section (section) cuts through the dwelling and provides details on how the home will be erected. Sections are used because they explain certain conditions in more detail such as ceiling height, ceiling type, and door & window dimensions.

Here are the principal spaces, elements and rooms you’ll find in North American Homes: patio, terrace, veranda, garage, dining room, porch, bedroom, master bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, breakfast nook, living room, family room, game room, computer room, den, home office, fireplace, basement, closet, walk-in, hallways, etc.

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