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Cisco Systems, Inc. provides documentation exams to validating know-how of concept and application of networking concepts. The Cisco Licensed Network Affiliate (CCNA) certification checks the ability to install, configure, utilize and troubleshoot medium-sized route and switched networks, knowledge of security ideas, wireless networking plus various networking protocols.

Difficulty: Moderate Instructions

Things You'll Want:

CCNA documentation ID number

1 Get the date the exam was passed by reviewing the CCNA certificate or other documentation out of Cisco stating whilst the exam was taken. If the exam was passed extra than 3 years ago, the certificate yous no longer logical. If it was passed reduced than 3 years ago, continue to action 2.

3 Go to the Cisco Certificate Verification site and enter the 16 digit validation number listed on the CCNA certificate. If the number cannot be verified, proceed to step 4.

4 Speak to Cisco Documentation Buyer Support on (800) 553-6387 and request verification about the validation number. This helps ensure the verification page did not reject some valid validation number.

Suggestions & Warnings

CCNA documentation is logical for 3 long time, next it must be updated. Certification might be updated by passing the new examination or passing exams on specific topics that is are new to the exam.

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