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The Craftsman home style or Craftsman architecture, also referred to as Arts and Crafts house designs.

A traditionally built Craftsman house design is rustic and charming in appearance. The exterior details of a classic Craftsman home include low-pitched gable roofs (often hipped), wide overhangs, exposed rafters, and full or partial porches supported by tapered columns. The exterior is normally clad in natural materials (local when possible) such as wood, cedar shake siding and stone, often with a combination of two or more types of cladding.

Inside, a classic Craftsman is a very liveable and efficient space. If you enjoy Craftsman architecture and plans may also be attracted to the Northwest home style design collection.

In conclusion, the Craftsman home style blend well in a natural environment by the use of stone, of wood and of cedar shingles, traits which establish a tie with rustic home style and/or ancestral type homes; a style which is simplicity itself and brings homage to the best of our craftsmen and to the American architectural heritage.

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