Cape Cod home style

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The Cape Cod home style is normally homes that are one- or one-and-a-half-story clapboard cottages with very little ornaments and no front porch. Windows have small panes of glass and shutters. The gable roof typically has a central chimney and dormer windows. Interior of these homes consist generally of small rooms, a kitchenette and small bathroom and hardwoor floors.

The Cape Cod home style originated from a Massachusetts seaside village (see New England home style). It became the most popular house style from the 20's through the 50's and it is still very popular these days, because mainly of its practical and low-cost floor plans & building costs.

Dormer windows are found in gable roofs, since they allow light and ventilation into the attic, which used to be the children sleeping area.

The exterior shutters initialle protected the house from storms and unwelcome visitors. Today, most shutter are nailed to the wall and are purely decorative (see decorative shutter).

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